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Kara Jensen Zitnick

Kara Jensen Zitnick

The HER behind LaunchHER, Premier Legal Partner for Women Entrepreneurs

Kara is a business attorney with a strong background in intellectual property, helping creatives from all industries protect their ideas. An entrepreneur at heart, Kara started her consulting firm, LaunchHER, a company devoted to giving women-owned brands the legal support they need to bring their brand on solid legal footing to get to the next level. Kara serves entrepreneurs at all stage of business to help them build, protect and grow their business and their brand.

Kara and her husband of 15 years are the proud parents of two athletic elementary-aged boys.
Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, LaunchHER works with entrepreneurs world-wide. To find out more about LaunchHER, visit, or email,

Cover Your Assets: How to Safeguard Your Personal & Business Brand

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